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Turn Clicks into CASH!

Does Your Website Bring You Traffic... or Customers?

Go From Contacts to Clients




Customer Engagement Platform

Just Having a Website is No Longer Enough

Your Website is the Hub

Like the spokes of a wheel, you've got to connect everything you do online to your base of operations - your well-designed website.

Social Media Starts the Conversation

"Likes" and emojis are for kids: social media is a powerful, cost-effective tool that empowers you to gather and nurture your market like a pro.

"Funnel" is a VERB

It's not something you buy or build: landing pages, forms and email allow you to continue the conversation your social media began, and "funnel" that traffic through your sales process.

Build Your Own Platform.

You could string together Squarespace + Clickfunnels + SamCart + Infusionsoft + Constant Contact + Surveymonkey + Zapier +... or build a single, integrated platform, own everything and avoid annual fees.

Tell Them You Have What They Want.

People visit your website to fulfill their needs, not to find out about you. Let them know, right away, that you have what they're looking for...

Talk About What Matters to THEM!

STOP trying to sell people stuff! They know what they want - do YOU? 

Start a conversation about what's valuable to your customers, the same way you would face-to-face. Let them set the pace, and they'll lead you to the sale...

Lead Them to Satisfaction

The people you connect with online are called leads for good reason. Everything you do on the Internet should work together to lead them to choose to do business with you... again and again.

From first contact to final sale, lead them along a journey of satisfying their desires and fulfilling their needs.

Here's What People Are Saying

Check out some of OUR conversations...

I called on Cornell to completely update our primary website before a major event. We had a lot of demands, and not enough time to fulfill them.

Somehow, he was able to do everything we requested, and assist us on over a half dozen other related sites, while remaining courteous and professional.

It is a pleasure to work with Cornell, and I would gladly recommend his services.

Iman Khan

President, Red Elephant, Inc.

Cornell has been our webmaster at Caribbean Business Connections since 2015.

He has worked closely with our team to build a site that represents our brand and serves our customers well. He is not only a true professional, extremely knowledgeable and also quite a pleasant person to work with.

I highly recommend Cornell to any company be it a start up like ours or a well established business.

Sandra McCarty

Co-Founder, Caribbean Business Connections


Your IT expertise has been a great help to a number of my projects. Many of which I could not have completed without your help.

Thank you very much. All the best.

Lee O. (Mickey) Bass III President/CEO, Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC

Lee O "Mickey" Bass, III

President/CEO, Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC

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