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Self Offense Services – Customer Engagement Platform project proposal

Self Offense Services - Customer Engagement Platform project proposal

Proposal presented by: CommunIT Solutions

The current Self Offense Services’ (“SOS”) website requires a rebuild which would transfer it to a modernized, more manageable platform and incorporate lead generation, social media integration and marketing automation functions normally provided by third-party services.

21st Century CommunIT Solutions, LLC (“CommunIT Solutions”) proposes building a website on the existing WordPress platform. This will enable us to quickly and easily design and deliver a website with a modern appearance that will provide all required features and functions, while allowing the site to be easily maintained and updated without engaging the services of a web design consultant.

The proposed site will be built with responsive design, meaning that it will display well on desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile devices (smartphones). Videos and surveys to deliver SOS’ value proposal and engage site visitor participation, integration with existing social media and email campaigning assets and original content designed to increase organic traffic can easily be created on, and integrated into, the newly designed site.

Scope of Services

Design the home page and overall structure of the Self Offense Services website to properly reflect the mission and intentions of Self Offense Services, engage prospective customers, encourage visitors to explore and interact with the website, and make all interactions as obvious and easy as possible.


Integrate website analytics to track the traffic patterns and performance of the new website design, and inform where future adjustments and modifications can be made. Using Google Tag Manager, we will measure users' off- and online activity to determine which visitor interactions yield the most effective conversion.

Forms and Interaction

Create and configure Customer Engagement Forms, which will generate CRM profiles automatically from visitors’ form entries, allowing Self Offense Services to personalize their marketing campaigns and leads. Create "personality quizzes" - surveys that will segment website visitors into "customer persona silos", enabling Self Offense Services to address leads at the proper point of the sales conversation.

Social Media/Marketing Automation

Enable social media integration modules which will share Self Offense Services website content to their social media profiles as well as allowing Self Offense Services personnel to incorporate organizational social media content into the website itself. Work with Self Offense Services to integrate social media assets with messaging, bot configuration, email campaigns to manage customer relations from initial contact to post-sales conversion.

Appointments/Schedule Management

Add an appointments calendar module, enabling visitors to the Self Offense Services website to arrange appointments for consultation and services, add these appointments to their calendars and send notifications and updates to the visitors and Self Offense Services staff.

Content Creation/Site Maintenance

Provide training for Self Offense Services personnel to update website content and perform basic configuration changes, making it unnecessary to hire a web specialist or engage the website developer’s services to make minor modifications, add new pages or update the appointments calendar.

Three Phase Approach

The proposed project will be executed in three phases, detailed below.

Phase One:

• Designing website appearance and layout • Determining navigation and home page features • Plan "engagement path" (form & quiz popups, landing pages, et al)

Phase Two:

• Configure WordPress on staging site (under domain) • Create administrative user accounts for SOS staff • Creating or transferring all existing accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al) for integrating functionality into website • Transfer existing site content; create and post new content • Configure and create content for landing pages • Configure and test personality quizzes • Configure and test customer engagement form(s) • Configure and test appointment booking functionality

Phase Three:

• Transfer and configure staging site on live website's hosting platform • Configure email integration and notification functionality • Customize WordPress dashboard for ease of site maintenance • Test functionality and proofread content prior to site launch


We estimate this project to be completed within one month, assuming full access to SOS staff, and barring any unforeseen delays. All times indicated below are estimates, and subject to change.

Estimated Timeline:

June, 2019

Phase One - Design
1 week
Phase Two - Implementation
1 1/2 weeks
Phase Three - Approval/Sign off
< 1 week

Your Investment

This fee summary is based on work described above to be performed on a fixed cost basis. Should the scope of the project change after acceptance of terms and pricing, a detailed scope change would be provided to define additional work and associated costs. Any changes would, of course, be the result of mutual agreement by all parties and would require modification of the signed formal agreement.

Retainer Fee (due upon contract signing)
Project Commencement (due upon commencement of Phase Two)
Project Completion (due upon completion of Phase Three)

Total: $5000

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