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Client Testimonials

Here’s the word from some of OUR conversations:

I called on Cornell to completely update our primary website before a major event. We had a lot of demands, and not enough time to fulfill them.

Somehow, he was able to do everything we requested, and assist us on over a half dozen other related sites, while remaining courteous and professional.

It is a pleasure to work with Cornell, and I would gladly recommend his services.

Iman Khan

Red Elephant, Inc.

Cornell has been our webmaster at Caribbean Business Connections since 2015.

He has worked closely with our team to build a site that represents our brand and serves our customers well. He is not only a true professional, extremely knowledgeable and also quite a pleasant person to work with.

I highly recommend Cornell to any company be it a start up like ours or a well established business.

Sandra McCarty

Caribbean Business Connections


Your IT expertise has been a great help to a number of my projects. Many of which I could not have completed without your help.

Thank you very much. All the best. Lee O. (Mickey) Bass III President/CEO Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC

Lee O. “Mickey” Bass

Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC


Don’t just launch a
website – build an

With Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and free drag-and-drop tools from every web host, anyone can build a nice-looking website. You probably already have one. Does your website, however, do the three things every online platform must accomplish to be truly effective…?

The “3Cs” of Customer Engagement

Connect. Capture. Convert.

The three essential elements of the Customer Engagement Platform, illustrated for your review… 


Start YOUR Conversation

You already know how to make sales – you talk with people about what matters to them, and offer them what they want at a good price. There’s nothing different about the Internet – except that you can talk to more people with less effort and expense


Stop counting clicks – Make an IMPACT!

Popularity doesn’t equal profit. It’s not how many people visit or view your website – it’s how many of the right people visit, what they see and do, and whether they come back… and move forward toward the sale

Are you talking to me…

…or at me?

Success in any  business starts with engaging conversations between real people. The key to building a effective Customer Engagement Platform is to stop trying to “sell” people… and start talking to them.

The Sum of All Parts

A website is an essential element of Customer Engagement – like the hub of a wheel it’s the center, not the whole.

Social media, email, surveys, polls and blogs are just as critical to success as your domain name – and should all be part of an integrated solution 

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Most so-called designers claim to have a magic solution, and sell you what they’re good at.

At CommunIT Solutions, we partner with your business to build the platform best suited for what you’re up to – with a focus on the results, and not  the technology


Chart a unified journey from opening the conversation to closing the sale

Your prospects will connect with you in a variety of ways, from your web page to an email, responding to Facebook Messenger or replying to an Instagram post. From their point of view it’s one ongoing communication, no matter how they first contact you, or which path they choose next.

We focus on connecting all your online assets into a unified platform, rather than obsessing over any one specific technology. We’ll use plugins, cookies, pixels and chatbots – but we won’t bore you with the techno-babble.

Leave that to us: we’re native speakers.


Let’s talk…

Looking to build a platform that will engage the people who will become your devoted fans and long term customers?  Please complete the form below, and we’ll contact you personally to discuss how we can work together to apply the “3Cs” to your online activities