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How Do You

Build a website that WORKS?
Conversion creates Customers

Grab Their Attention

Nobody cares about your product. Or how long you've been in business. They're not interested in what you're trying to sell them.

People go to the web to find what THEY want and need...  do you know what the people you want as customers are looking for? You've got to get right to the point, and talk to them about THEM - not you.


It's About Time

You're reading this because this page passed the "Blink Test". That's how long you've got - the time it takes to blink your eyes - to capture their attention and stop them from clicking the "Back" button...

You've got to know who visits your website, what they want and how they're connecting with you.


Seconds to make a "stay or go" decision


will leave if site is not visually appealing


will never return if site is not engaging


of internet use is on mobile devices

From Contacts to Customers


Success in any business starts with engaging conversations between real people

A website is a great place to start that conversation – but like the hub of a wheel it’s the center, not the whole.

Social media, email, surveys, polls and blogs are all the spokes of the wheel that bring potential customers to the hub...  hopefully, to discover that you have what they want and need.


Website visitors will connect with you in many different ways: a page on your website, a reply to an email message, a response on Facebook Messenger or a comment to an Instagram post.

From their point of view, there's only one conversation. They're talking to the same person or business, and it's up to you to keep track of where things left off and when... and what comes next.

If you don't, can't or won't, trust me - your competition will pick up the slack, and keep up with the customer you just lost...


After you make the connections, capture attention and keep the conversation going, the most important work is yet to come.

What's supposed to happen? Do you know what you want these website visitors to DO? Are there clear instructions guiding them to take action... or are you just hoping your website visitors will figure it out on their own, and magically choose to do business with you?

If you don't know what the "conversion activity" of your website is - neither does your prospect. And you'll NEVER get them to become a customer, unless you show them exactly what to do

Let's Get Started

Anyone can build a website... you probably already have one. Does your website help you

  • Save time?
  • Make money?
  • Get more customers?

if not, then we need to talk - NOW!

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The "3Cs" of Customer Engagement

Here's What People Are Saying

Check out some of OUR conversations...

I called on Cornell to completely update our primary website before a major event. We had a lot of demands, and not enough time to fulfill them.

Somehow, he was able to do everything we requested, and assist us on over a half dozen other related sites, while remaining courteous and professional.

It is a pleasure to work with Cornell, and I would gladly recommend his services.

Iman Khan

President, Red Elephant, Inc.

Cornell has been our webmaster at Caribbean Business Connections since 2015.

He has worked closely with our team to build a site that represents our brand and serves our customers well. He is not only a true professional, extremely knowledgeable and also quite a pleasant person to work with.

I highly recommend Cornell to any company be it a start up like ours or a well established business.

Sandra McCarty

Co-Founder, Caribbean Business Connections


Your IT expertise has been a great help to a number of my projects. Many of which I could not have completed without your help.

Thank you very much. All the best.

Lee O. (Mickey) Bass III President/CEO, Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC

Lee O "Mickey" Bass, III

President/CEO, Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC

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