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Worth a Thousand Pictures

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words - then a video is worth a thousand pictures. That's why video is such a powerfully effective marketing tool.

Until now, high-quality video spots have also been unaffordable. Not any more... check out these samples of actual spots we've produced:

Video Marketing For Everyone

Now, More than Ever, you need to market yourself, your skills and your services to stand out and be seen, to get more customers, increase profits and grow your business.

What you don't need is an invoice that looks like the down payment on a new car... or a new house! Get high-quality video to promote and market your business at a price that will help you add to your bottom line, instead of taking you to the bank...


"It’s no secret that video has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with their customers.

Statistics proving this out abound.

  • Internet users consume up to 16 hours of digital video per week.
  • 66 percent of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product.
  • 71 percent of B2B marketers are using video marketing, while 81 percent of total businesses use video marketing."

--, 27 Feb. 2020

$200 = 1 Video, up a minute length

Professional designed video with still images, video clips, soundtrack and text overlays.

Promote your business, your brand, announce an event or celebrate your organization.


$500 = 3 Video campaign series

Once you've grabbed their attention, keep your market engaged. Save $100 and get 0ne video a month for three months!

We work with you to not just create impressive looking videos, but to design a video series for maximum effect and impact.


$1,000 = Quick launch promo platform

You can't beat this package anywhere! Perfect for those launching a new business who want to stand out from the crowd:


  • Three videos
  • Landing page
  • Lead capture form
  • Three follow-up emails automated sequence

Stand Our From the Crowd!

Video is the best way to make a lasting impression and reach new customers.

Get out the most information in the shortest amount of time - and look great doing it!


  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Your Online Presence
  • Earn Respect from Customers
  • Build Trust and Recognition
  • Boost Social Media Engagement

Professional Videos from $200

Get the Word Out - With Sound & Pictures...

Start a Conversation

One well-done video is a great start - a series of related videos will go even further in getting your message across.

There's good reason even famous businesses have a variety of ads and promo spots - it's an effective way to communicate value to your current and future customers and keep your brand message "top of mind".

Here are a few of the types of videos you can create in your series:

Product Promotion

Before people have your product in their hands, or have hired your services, give them a preview of the good stuff.

A brief one-minute video packs a wealth of information in a package that's clear, gets right to the point and can easily be watched again and again. Your leads and prospects wiill be ready to do business before the first conversation with a well-done product promotion video.

Explainer Video

You've seen them - those quick, quirky animated videos where a hand draws and writes things on the screen, that breaks down certain concepts and ideas in a fun, entertaining way.

If you're having problems closing deals and converting prospects into customers because a few ideas or principles need to be explored or explained first, well - an explainer video is the perfect tool for the job.

Customer Testimonial

Let's face it - people are skeptical these days, and simply posting a picture and a paragraph and claiming it's a "testimonial" isn't going to convince some folks.

But everyone has a video recorder in their pocket or purse. Get your raving fans and satisfied customers to record a 30 second selfie giving their honest appraisal, and we'll create "real world, real people" testimonials that will give your business the social proof you need to boost conversion and increase sales.

Brand Message Video

"Who are you, what do you do - and what's in it for ME?"

Sometimes it's not about your product or professonal service - it's about you, as a person or a business. You might tell yourself you're not an actor, or you don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. Believe it or not, that's an advantage - these days, people don't want perfection... they want connection.

Want proof that the brand message video is effective? Look at what the "direct to the camera, real-person" approach did for:

  • Col. Harlan Sanders
  • Orville Redenbacher
  • Dave Thomas
  • Martha Stewart

Wanna boost your brand? Get ready for your closeup...!

Give Your Videos a Home... Page

A high-quality video - or, even better, a video series - is a great asset. Thing is... they need to be seen. If you already have a website, that's perfect. But if you don't - where are you gonna put them?

If you need a place to display your video(s), connect with your market and promote your brand, this is the package for you:

  • A custom landing page to highlight your video
  • A form to engage visitors and capture leads
  • A mailing list to collect and manage contact information
  • A series of emails designed to nurture leads and move them toward the choice to do business

Compare prices - you'll more for a single video than to total cost of this package. Videos are the single best asset for promoting your business, products and services. This package is the best deal for high-quality videos you'll find anywhere!


Connect with your Customers

To make the most effective videos, you've got to have the right... vision of your ultimate goal in creating the final product. Here's our view - a blog series we call "The C.R.E.A.M Rises to the TOP"

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The CREAM Rises to the TOP – Part One

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The CREAM Rises to the TOP – Part Two
The CREAM Rises to the TOP – Part Two

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The CREAM Rises to the TOP – Part Three
The CREAM Rises to the TOP – Part Three

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