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#5: Task Management

290 the effort required to do the actual work

291 can be reduced to a series of individual steps

292 how do I get the work done?

293 getting things done

294 checklist

295 critical tasks

296 work is actually done

297 provides a record

298 a way to show others how to do things

299 required work has actually been done

300 task management

301 well enough

302 Microsoft Outlook

303 GMail—cms-27518

304 Mozilla Thunderbird

305 Asana.com

306 GANTT charts

307 plugin structure

308 Best Free Project Management Software to Consider in 2020

309 How to Delegate Tasks Effectively (and Why it’s Important) –

310 9 Tips For Small Business Organization Success

311 16 Proven Organization Strategies for Your Small Business –

312 Searching For The Perfect To-Do List App

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