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If you’re at this page, you’ve received and reviewed all the emails in our conversational marketing campaign, and have an idea of how your website, email and social media can be used effectively to reach your potential customers and show them how your brand value can fulfill their desires and requirements.

We can work with you to create a conversational marketing campaign to increase engagement with your prospects and leads, and convert casual contacts into committed customers. Let’s have an actual conversation about that – choose a date and time on the calendar below for us to have a phone conversation, and let’s take things to the next level:


You’ll receive a email confirming that our phone appointment has been booked. I’ll personally contact you by email a day or two in advance to make sure we’re still on for our scheduled talk, and then I’ll call you on the date and time you’ve selected.

Let’s get your conversation marketing campaign started. I’m looking forward to talking with you.


Cornell D. Green
CommunIT Solutions