Month: December 2017

Do Business BETTER!

Money Matters – Part Five

Selling it to Your Buyers Time to wrap things up. We’ve considered the mindset adjustments required to overcome the “asking for money” resistance. Identified the good and bad customers, and plotted strategies for eliminating the freeloaders – or avoiding them altogether. So that leaves us with the good customers, and how to overcome their tendencies to…
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Money Matters – Part Four

Show Me the MONEY! In the previous entries of this series, we talked about some fundamental Small Business money issues: Ok – so we’ve covered the basics, and laid down a pretty good foundation for dealing with important Small Business financial issues and, hopefully, getting past those doubts and inhibitions which make it difficult to…
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Money Matters – Part Three

Freeloaders Need Not Apply This will be a pretty short post, compared to the previous entries in this series. Last week, we mentioned that there are such things as bad money and, particularly, bad customers. The worst kind of customers we call “freeloaders“. These are the type who will engage your services knowing full well…
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Money Matters – Part Two

DTMFA – Dump the Major Failures Already! Given all the challenges that come with doing business and daring to take the first steps in the entrepreneurial journey, we often feel we have to take every job, every customer, every opportunity to “make money”. It’s all about getting paid, and there’s no such thing as bad…
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Money Matters – Part One

Stop chasing your money! Doing business is not about work: it’s about GETTING PAID! This is a source of misery and frustration for many entrepreneurs and Small Business owners and operators at the beginning of their careers. While they correctly focus on doing what they do well, getting the word out, engaging customers and closing…
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