Month: February 2014

Do Business BETTER!

P is for Predictabilty

We usually don’t think of Predictability as a positive trait. Especially in this Internet age of “outside the box”, “chasing what’s trending”, “first, new and innovative”, Predictability can come off as, well… behind the curve, un-creative and easily outperformed by the competition. But when you examine the practical realities of, well… actual business  as opposed to a…
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C is for Consistency

Everything we know,  everything we do  consists of fundamentals. Language consists of the letters of the alphabet,  basic sounds and pronunciation.  Arithmetic consists of numbers  and the basics of adding, subtracting,  multiplying  and dividing.  Any task, any effort, however complex or involved, can be reduced to the fundamental principles and functions of which it consists.…
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What is CPR?

Consistency. Predictability. Replication. I know:  when you see the acronym “CPR“, what comes to mind is the life-saving technique. You breathe air in someone’s lungs, compress their chest to get their blood flowing, and literally bring them back from the brink of death. It’s not an accident that we chose the same acronym to represent…
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