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The Proper Voice

Conversations start with words. To engage visitors to your website, it’s important to choose your words with care.

Before you even consider what to say, think about how you choose to make your point. Look at the pronouns in your website content: what person are you using most? Go ahead… count them.

If you find you’re using mostly “I-Me-We-Our“, you’re using the first person. That means that you’re talking about yourself. Obviously, you need to mention yourself and your business, but the viewers and visitors who would become customers, quite honestly, aren’t interested in you – they’re interested in themselves.

Stop boasting, justifying or auditioning – you’re website is not a job interview. It’s assumed that you’re a professional, your product is quality and you do excellent work – it would be bad form to take people’s money otherwise. There’s very little need to say any of that, and if you go on and on about it, you seem insecure and your prospect will begin to have doubts.

Instead, take about them – “You-Your-Yours“:

  • What do they want?
  • What do they need?
  • Why are they here?
  • What will they find here that will suit their desires and requirements?

Don’t feel like you have to compare yourself to your competitors either – it takes the focus away from your potential customer, and gives the competition free advertising. State things in terms of your customers’ wants and needs: