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Rapid Development: Swift but not Hasty

14 September looms imminent, but I feel confident that we will meet, if not exceed, our expectations. My client and I have established an extremely effective workflow with our screen sharing/conference call method. The first time I was involved in such a meeting, it was in a corporate conference room with a projector, a dedicated…
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For Rapid Development, Slow Down

Another conference call in our quest to a 14 Sep website launch. We’ve really established a successful workflow, which will server me well as a model for future client relations. One of the first things we established was the need for more meetings before actual launch day:  Look & feel, navigation, initial site layout –…
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Rapid Development

14 September. It helps to have a deadline. An internal sense arises that helps steer me away from false starts and time-wasting fascination with useless details. As a techie, it’s easy to waste hours with the “gee whiz” aspect of things that won’t actually be used in this phase of the project. A deadline helps…
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