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Who needs technology? Part three of three

What can you do with tech? iPhone or Android? Google or Bing? GMail or Hotmail, Office365 or your own home-grown thing? It doesn’t matter – what you use isn’t the point. HOW you use it, and how well, is what’s important. Last week, we asked what can tech do for you. This week, the question…
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Top Ten Reasons Small Businesses Fail – part nine

Closed Mind It takes a lot of hard work, focus and persistence to launch a Small Business. Starting with an idea, and (perhaps) some skills, a plan is prepared, financing secured, details dealt with… and a business is born. The problem is, in the time required to travel from concept to reality, too often Small…
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Top Ten Reasons Small Businesses Fail – part six

Versatility Though many Small Businesses are one-person operations, in today’s economy, none can afford to be “one-trick ponies“. Even if you can’t diversify your staff (especially if you work alone), you’d do well to diversify your skills. Every solopreneur has a specialty, but don’t focus exclusively on the thing you do best. What happens if…
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