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Do Business BETTER!

Money Matters – Part One

Stop chasing your money! Doing business is not about work: it’s about GETTING PAID! This is a source of misery and frustration for many entrepreneurs and Small Business owners and operators at the beginning of their careers. While they correctly focus on doing what they do well, getting the word out, engaging customers and closing…
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The Tech Doesn’t Matter

Technology use for Small Business success and profit The tech doesn’t matter. This might seem like a strange thing to say in a blog focusing on technology, but it’s true. These days, technology has become a commodity. Every phone is a smartphone these days, and they all do pretty much the same thing. All Internet is…
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Who needs technology? Part one of three

Computers. Smartphones. Tablets. High-speed Internet. WiFi. These game changers continue to transform the world of business in general, and hold special promise to enable Small Businesses to compete at a level unimaginable even five years ago. Ironically, as more Small Business owners, operators and employees become more computer- and technology-literate, we are discovering that… nobody…
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Top Ten Reasons Small Businesses Fail – part six

Versatility Though many Small Businesses are one-person operations, in today’s economy, none can afford to be “one-trick ponies“. Even if you can’t diversify your staff (especially if you work alone), you’d do well to diversify your skills. Every solopreneur has a specialty, but don’t focus exclusively on the thing you do best. What happens if…
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