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The Tech Doesn’t Matter

Technology use for Small Business success and profit The tech doesn’t matter. This might seem like a strange thing to say in a blog focusing on technology, but it’s true. These days, technology has become a commodity. Every phone is a smartphone these days, and they all do pretty much the same thing. All Internet is…
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Top Five Tech Tools You’re Probably Using – but could use BETTER: part five

Calendar/Task Management Microsoft Outlook I had a client a few years back – an office with about five people working in it. You could stand up at your desk and turn around 360 degrees and see the entire company in the sweep of your glance. While I was there working on low-level installation and configuring,…
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Top Five Tech Tools You’re Probably Not Using – but SHOULD BE: part one

Instant Messaging If you’re like most Small Business owners or operators “of a certain age”, your view of Instant Messaging, if you have one, may be similar to one of the following statements: Instant Messaging is for kids I have an email account – what do I need messaging for? It’s too complicated I don’t…
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